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We are Kingdom Constructions Group

Beginning in the Northern and Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, our reputation for exceptional quality, reliability and ease to work with has seen us humbly expand our operations across Melbourne and wider surrounding areas.

Over the years, we have worked diligently to create ourselves a team of dedicated and talented builders and subcontractors that deliver quality, safe and cost-effective solutions tailored to your individual needs.

We provide a superior service to our clients at the best quality and price

Building can be a stressful time, but rest assured knowing we can manage your entire project from planning and design, getting the correct permits and approvals and then see the build through to the completion of your project.

Best of all, we will include you in our team, keep you updated at all times and deliver high levels of personalised customer service.

Experienced and proven builder managers

Through our varied background and experience we offer our clients a wide range of services throughout the civil, industrial, commercial and residential building industries.

Our managment team has a variety of valuable experience working with top tier companies as Project Engineers, Project Managers and Operations Managers on all sorts of construction projects.

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