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KCG-204 - Doncaster Park Kindergarten

Manningham City Council’s Doncaster Park Kindergarten required a refurbishment and the building needed improvement internally and externally. The outdated façade hid asbestos, while windows needed upgrading to better filter through sunlight. The project also saw the children’s bathroom re-done with new toilets, cubicles and a sink. Fresh vinyl and a new coat of paint similarly reinvigorated the restroom.

As a functioning kindergarten, being able to meet the deadline for this project was crucial, and works were performed over a two-week period during the school holidays.

Our team at Kingdom Constructions understand that every project is unique, and every client has different needs. We work hard to identify and meet these needs. The fast-tracked program for the Doncaster Park project was the result of careful listening and understanding and is a project which reflects our capability to satisfy the client.

Location: Doncaster

Duration: 2 weeks

Value: $150k

Client: Manningham City Council

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