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Thornbury Picture House - Refurbishment

Originally, one of the first petrol stations with drive-through service in Melbourne, our client wanted to convert this piece of history into a local and independent feature film cinema. Located on High St, Thornbury, we worked hard to refurbish the existing building, creating a new cinema space, while maintaining the integrity and heritage of the building.

The new cinema consists of 53 seats, fully DDA compliant with wheelchair access. The open forecourt, which used to house petrol pumps has been stylishly transformed into a communal area where patrons can enjoy a drink or two before or after a movie. Internally, the picture house takes on a more cinematic feel, a split space separated with a gentle ramp before leading into the cinema.

Kingdom Constructions is people orientated and we are always looking to be involved in projects that benefit the greater community. Thornbury Picture House supports local filmmakers, and we are proud to have had a role in making that possible.

Location: 802 High St, Thornbury

Value: $300k 

Duration: 3 months

Website: www.thornburypicturehouse.com.au 

Instagram: www.instagram.com/thornbury_picturehouse/

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